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The E35 Excavator is state of the art. I can do five jobs a week without having to refuel. The auto idle is amazing and I love the throttle dial vs. the old manual lever. My favorite improvements with the M Series Excavator is the incredibly smooth operation, and the ease of hooking up my attachments. I used to have to fight the back pressure on the hydraulic system to connect a head shaker or breaker to my old 430 but with my new E35 I don’t even have shut down the machine.

The minimal tail swing, angle blade, auto shift, fingertip boom swing controls and overall compact size of the machine are all priceless. OH-don’t want to get out the cab to change buckets? Hydraulic exchange folks! What more could you ask for?

- Nick P.

Last November I purchased a T750 loader for use on my farm in Westcliffe, Colorado. Chad Parker sold the machine. The season was over when the loader arrived, therefore I used it only a few times before I left for Florida for the winter. When I began to use the machine this summer, I realized the temperature sensor would intermittently indicate the hydraulic oil was overheated.

I emailed Mr. Parker on Sunday a evening and advised him of the situation. He emailed me back that night to let me know the shop would call Monday morning. The service manager called Monday morning and scheduled a service call for Tuesday. Jeff Maxson arrived as scheduled Tuesday, determined the oil temperature sensor was defective, and had the loader repaired in less than an hour.

We use the T750 for loading hay, building fences, and managing irrigation. Our terrain and requirements are somewhat unique, and I evaluated loaders manufactured by Kubota, Caterpillar, and John Deere before choosing the Bobcat. Mr. Parker was very knowledgeable and provided us with the information we needed to determine which piece of equipment we needed.

Mr. Maxson took the time to explain how to properly maintain the machine. He was competent and professional. I greatly appreciated the time Mr. Maxson took to explain things to me.

My experience with Bobcat of the Rockies and the T750 has been entirely positive. I can recommend the company and equipment without reservation.

- Matt

Bobcat Products are the best products hands down, they are durable, maintenance free and virtually indestructable! Unparalleed in performance and work load opportunities, I know this. By the way, Rodney you’re a great salesman, Thanks!

- Frank

In May 2012, we had the opportunity to attend a training seminar that was hosted by Bobcat of the Rockies, LLC and presented by BRICKFORM.

This was our first experience seeing the Triple Hard Tools color spreader. Before the end of the first day we had decided we had to have it.We spoke with our Bobcat of the Rockies, LLC sales representative Dan Sedam (Windsor, CO) about what we needed to do to get one now. Before we left the training class on the Saturday, Dan had worked out enough of the logistics that we went home with it.

We used the color spreader on Monday on a large stamped and colored patio of over 1300 sq. ft. It worked flawlessly! The color went on more evenly, and faster than hand throwing, and to top it off we used 5-6 less buckets of powder color hardener than we anticipated.We can reach areas that we would need to use skates for in the past. Again, saving on application time. We have used the spreader on well over 20 tamped and colored patios now and we have found that we use less powder color hardener consistently. We have saved enough on color hardener over the summer to almost pay for the spreader.

Our crew loves the color spreader. With the unbearable heat we have had so far this summer our guys have been able to minimize the time they need to use dust masks, because we don’t have powder color hardener “flying” in the air all of the time. It’s also help save time and money, clean up afterward is much faster. We also spend much less time cleaning powder harder from siding, brick and stucco and the surrounding areas.

- Agustin Ramos and Bob Brown

I am so impressed with Nathan and AJ’s customer service on behalf of Bobcat of the Rockies, I had to communicate it to someone other than my kids and husband. My first impression with Bobcat of The Rockies was quite shockingly wonderful when I called to see if Bobcat carried a certain type of product, next thing I knew the sales man was going to deliver the product I needed, to my house 30 minutes away and teach me how to use it. Crazy, what is the catch I thought? Well, no catch. Nathan and AJ looked at my projects and gave us a quick lesson in the application process of the micro-cement, then the stain. We had issues getting the colors right to match my floor, both Nathan and AJ repeatedly consulted with me in a timely manner with amazing expertise. Now I am excited to get started on my basement floor to Nathan’s specs, as my laundry room floor is turning out so well. Without Nathan’s advice and AJ’s color scheming I doubt I would be completing my first job within the week, and would have probably waited another year to risk completing another project in which I had to learn to complete. Multiple times I caught myself wondering if this was part of Bobcat’s marketing plan: excellent, quick, service to the door, personable sales people with true know-how of mixing colors, and pitfalls to avoid when working with the product. Anyone needing what Bobcat offers, I will be quick to refer them directly to Nathan and AJ.

- Shawn S.

Bobcat of the Rockies