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Raymo Electric Mower

Raymo is a fully electric tool carrier with multiple attachments that will make any landscaping and grounds management task easy, quiet, and efficient. The carrier itself is extremely low in height allowing you to access low clearance areas and has an outstanding climbing ability for sloping and undulating terrain.

The ZTR steering system in combination with 4WD delivers exceptional driving and maneuvering features. The remote control operating system keeps you at a safe distance, further reducing your exposure to noise and dust while you keep an eye on the surrounding environment. Raymo is by far the most versatile professional electric mower in the world.

50.4 Volts


5 Hours

Operating Time

150 Ah


Raymo Electric Mower Specs

Key Specifications

Slope Capable Four-wheel drive, zero-turn steering, and an extremely low center of gravity allow Raymo to operate even on very steep slopes without the risk of tipping over. The climbing ability is further enhanced by Raymo's all terrain tires. Comfort of operation on flat and sloped terrain will make you fall in love.
Quick Swap Decks Get the mower deck that is the best fit for your job. Change it for another one whenever needed. The 4 step process can be completed by the operator to customize their unit for turf mowing, general grass cutting, or rough area vegetation management. Choose between rear discharge or mulching.
Remote Control Distant machine control brings a large number of advantages – operator safety, reduced dust exposure, and better environmental control. RC operation is a perfect match for a great electric mower as it allows you to reduce the overall weight which significantly extends the usable battery time.


Battery Type Lithium Ion
Voltage 50.4 Volts
Capacity 150 Ah
Cartridge Weight 100 LBS
Operating Time 5 Hours
Charge Time 3 Hours
Life Span 4 Years

Raymo Electric Mower

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