Bobcat Snow Pusher Pro – 108″ Attachment

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Bobcat Snow Pusher Pro – 108″ Attachment Specs

Key Specs

Operating Weight 1529 lb
Length 77 in
Width 116 in
Height 40 in
Skid Shoes 36" x 9.75" x 1.5" poly
Vertical Float 0 in
Tilt 35°
Oscillation +/- 6.0 degrees


Tri-Formed Box for Strength The moldboard has a plow structure like no other in its class. The full-length, tri-formed box structure gives it the most torque resistance and rigidity. Designs like this have been used in the highway plows for years. The moldboard sheet itself is 10-gauge grade 50 steel which has a higher tensile strength, making it harder to dent and tear and prolonging the life of the finish and plow itself.
Heavy-Duty Powder Coating Powder coat and primer baked at 400+ degrees, all steel components are protected to look great for years. A method of applying seam sealer to all un-welded joints prior to baking on the finish eliminates rust marks and increases the life and appearance of the entire finish.
Blade Trip Edge The blade features a tall, 9-inch safety trip-edge, which prevents accidental damage when encountering hidden obstacles by tripping back 68 degrees. Powered by four compression-style return springs and pivoting on seven, 1-inch trip pins, it blade trips when you need it, and stays put when you don’t.
Effective Plow Angle The attack angle is 65 degrees so that it scrapes cleanly – forward and backward. Mounted onto the trip edge is a high carbon steel cutting edge, 6 inches tall, 5/8 inches thick. Angle plowing with a skid steer at low speed is efficient, and it’s made even better with the 35-degree max angle that the plow can achieve. This is often more productive and efficient than plowing with trucks.
Replaceable Plow Cutting Edge Our cutting edges meet highway department standards and will fit up with any “standard highway punch” design, available almost anywhere. No one can afford downtime during a storm, so just replace the edge as needed – no need to move, rotate, flip or flop.
Protective Sleeves and Advanced Couplers Protective sleeves are added to all the hoses. Next, we include an advanced male and female coupling that will connect by hand with residual pressure of 300 bar or 2900 psi locked in the hydraulic circuit, which will connect with residual pressure without releasing any fluid into the environment. This robust system complements the rugged features and operation of this system in any environment the most extreme winter can produce.
Blade Oscillation With oscillation, the blade stays flat on the plowing surface from tip to tip whether fully angled or straight, even with down pressure applied.
Blade and Box Plow Durability So simple, yet so genius. The simple box design gives it a durable structure that overcomes the destructive tendencies so many snow removal operations can produce.
Flexible Polyurethane Skids Polyurethane skids are flexible, rather than rigid steel shoes, reducing any bending or denting. They also feature four slots in the rear that allow the skid to self-adjust upwards as the cutting edge of the plow becomes worn. This ensures that the plow is always scraping and cleaning like it should.
Low Maintenance Every detail of the box flows right into the overall theme of low maintenance and simplicity. The polyurethane bumpers protect the finish, while the pre-punched 10-inch-wide snow catches prevent spillage while pushing.
Replaceable Side Panels The bolt-on side panels are easy to replace and come standard.

Bobcat Snow Pusher Pro – 108″ Attachment

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