Bobcat Drop Hammer Attachment

Breaks and demolishes concrete. Delivers more than 3,600-foot pounds of impact energy combined with a fast cycle time of 20 blows per minute. Fractures the material below the surface, leaving the surface free of jagged debris. Allows three seconds to reposition and reset the loader between cycles. Generates little vibration or noise compared to standard hydraulic breakers, meaning less wear on the machine and less noise for operator and bystanders .

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Bobcat Drop Hammer Attachment Specs

Key Specs

Operating Weight 1925 lb
Length 29 in
Width 45.2 in
Height 54.9 in
Weight of Hammer 1,140 lb
Height (hammer fully raised) 74 in
Hammer Stroke 38 in
Stroke Rate per Minute 20
Max. Concrete Thickness 18 in
Impact Energy Class 3600 ft-lbs.


Cushioned Safety Valve Unique in the industry, the cushioned safety valve allows the operator to stop the hammer in mid-stroke and slowly lower it to a resting position, preventing the hammer from falling if the hydraulic flow is shut off.
Drive Motor The chain-drive motor makes quick work of demolishing concrete surfaces.
Effective Breaking Power Delivering more than 3,600-foot pounds of impact energy for quick and efficient demolishing action. The drop hammer features a 38-inch stroke and a hammer weight of 1,165 pounds.
Fast Cycle Time The drop hammer delivers a fast cycle time of 20 blows per minute with three seconds between cycles to reposition and reset the loader.
Convenient Storage and Transport When not in use, the hammer stands upright. Also, stores and transports in the upright position.
Locking Mechanism The locking mechanism prevents the weight from sliding out the top of the hammer during transport.
Bob-Tach™ Mounting System The Bob-Tach™ Mounting System makes easy work of attaching and detaching the drop hammer from the loader. Fast and easy mounting means spending less time on attachment changes and more time on the job.

Bobcat Drop Hammer Attachment

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