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T-14D | 16D | 18D | 20D Drop-Deck Trailer

The Towmaster® T-series large drop-deck trailer is designed for hauling larger mid-sized equipment. This model is built on a stout cold-formed I-beam tongue and main frame and features a 3-inch lip around the deck. The oak wood deck is supported by strong 3-inch I-beam crossmembers and Dexter® Torflex® rubber torsion axles give it a smooth ride. This trailer features a bolt-on parking jack, LED lights, sealed wiring harness, spring-assist ramps, and a solid bar ramp hold-up.

Available Deck Lengths
16′ ⋅ 18′ ⋅ 20′

14,000 lbs.+


18,200 lbs.+


4,200 lbs.+


T-14D | 16D | 18D | 20D Drop-Deck Trailer Specs

Key Specifications

Feature 1 Pintle hitch (adjustable height)
Feature 2 Battery break-away with tow charger
Feature 3 2” nominal white oak wood deck
Feature 4 I-beam frame/tongue (formed)
Feature 5 3″ Jr-Ibeam Crossmembers
Feature 6 24” deck height (empty)
Feature 7 82” between fenders
Feature 8 Rubber torsion axles
Feature 9 Heavy-duty Towmaster fenders
Feature 10 Ladder-style ramps
Feature 11 Solid bar ramp hold-ups


Capacity (pounds) 14,000 16,000 18,000 20,000
GVWR (pounds) 18,200 20,600 22,600 24,600
GAWR (pounds) 14,400 16,000 19,220 20,000
Avg. Weight (pounds) 4,200 4,600 4,600 4,600
Load Width (in) 82"
Deck Height (in) unloaded 24.5"
Std. Hitch Size (in) 3
Tongue/Gooseneck Length (ft) 5'-0"
Safety Chain 3/8 Gr. 70
Parking Jack 12K
Bolted-on Parking Jack Y
Main Beam W10x17 I-Beam
Deck Type Drop-Deck
Deck Safety Lip Y
Deck Material White Oak
Added Stationary Deck N/A
Ramp Size (ft x in) 6'-0"x18"
Load Angle (degrees) 17-18
Dump Angle N/A
Beavertail O
Ramp Hold-Up Solid Bar
Ramp Spring Assist (off deck) N/A
Ramp Spring Assist (off ground) Std.
Tie Downs D-rings
No. of Tie Downs 8
Axle Capacity 7.2K - 10K
No. of Axles 2

T-14D | 16D | 18D | 20D Drop-Deck Trailer

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