Hornet Post Driver Series

Quick and powerful post driver that utilizes jackhammer style power cell that offers controlled high-speed performance. The hydraulic grapple allows one person to pick up, load, and drive posts, making the Hornet an all-in-one driving solution.

The model T7 drives T-posts up to 7 inch diameter posts/pipes with 500-900 strikes/minute and compares to the 750 ft.-lb. energy class. The model T8-RR drives T-posts up to 8 inch diameter posts/pipes (it can also drive railroad ties with optional RR tie driving tool) at 400-800 strikes/minute and compares to the 1,150 ft.-lb. energy class.

Hornet Post Driver Series Specs

Key Specs

Strikes Per Minute 900
Energy Class 1,150 ft.-lb.
Impact Force 42,432 lb.
Post Dimensions (inches) T-post to 7"
Energy Class 750 ft.-lb.
Maximum Strikes per Minute 900
Overall Length (inches) 29.2"
Overall Width (inches) 45.75"
Overall Height (inches) 48.8"
Machine Weight 2,081 lb.
Hydraulic Requirements 2,000 - 3,500 PSI; 10 - 30 GPM
Driving Tool Inside Diameter (inches) 7.27"
Driving Tool Shaft Diameter (inches) 2.7"
Mount Skid-Steer Quick Attach & Excavator (not for front-end loaders).
Excavator Weight 9,000 lb. and over


Grapple Grapple option can be added to any model for a true one-person operation. The grapple option will allow the operator to grab the post (not including t-posts) off the ground, load it into the Hornet, and drive it in the ground without leaving the vehicle seat.
Weight Kit Option Adds up to 616 lb. to the Hornet's weight which reduces vibration and allows for more efficient driving. Includes 14 ballast plates so you can fine tune the weight of the post driver to match the operating capacity of the vehicle which can increase driving speed up to 50% faster than base unit.
Tool-less Driving Tool Quick Change Tool-less quick change makes swapping driving tools without hammer or punch a breeze. Comes standard with a domed driving tool. Flat driving tools and flat railroad tie driving tools (T8-RR only) may be purchased separately. Driving tools are made thicker and stronger than those of our competitors. This helps to prevent downtime and increase productivity.
Flow Control Valve Unlike most of our competitors, our flow control valve allows the Hornet to run on vehicles with hydraulic flow up to 30 GPM, including high-flow vehicles, without excessive wear on the power cell.
Post Holder Tie Down Post holder with tie down locations for transporting post/pipe when needed.

Hornet Post Driver Series

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