Wheel Saw

Cut through a variety of hard surfaces including asphalt and concrete. Powered by the carrier’s high-flow hydraulics, the wheel saw cuts trenches for utility lines. The trench cleaner (available with 6-inch and 8-inch wheels only) assures a clean trench for installation. Hydraulic depth adjustment gauge delivers a consistent, uniform cut depth. Operates close to curbs and walls for a close cut. Provides a more precise cut than air or hydraulic hammers. Ideal for road repair crews and rental facilities.

Compatible With:

Compact Track Loaders


Skid-Steer Loaders

Wheel Saw Specs

Key Specs

Operating Weight 2249 lb
Length 74.8 in
Width 68.5 in
Height 65 in
Weight less Wheel and Trench Cleaner 1,567 lb
Hydraulic Side Shift 25.6 in
Trenching Depth Min 6 in
Trenching Depth Max 18 in


Carbide-Tipped Bits The bits are carbide-tipped for longer tooth wear and maximum uptime protection.
Hydraulic Side Shift For operating close to curbs and walls, the hydraulic side-shift allows the attachment to shift flush with any nearby object.
Hydraulic Depth Adjustment The depth gauge provides for uniform depth control while cutting.
Side Cutter Teeth The side cutter teeth reduce wear to the side of the wheel.
Skis The full length of the skis provides maximum stability and cutting accuracy.
Spoil Deflectors The spoil deflectors push milled materials away from the trench, delivering a clean trench for installation.
Storage Stand Storage stands improve an operator’s ability to attach and remove the wheel saw and raise the skis when the attachment is not in use.
Trench Cleaner Hydraulically controlled, the trench cleaner ensures a clean trench is left behind when operating the wheel saw (6- and 8-inch wheels only).
Hour Meter Keep track of service hours and component life on the deluxe instrumentation panel of Bobcat M-Series loaders.

Wheel Saw

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