Holder Tractors – Municipal Utility Tractors in CO & WY



                                     C 270



                                     C 992 



Holder advantages


Our products are constructed for professional year round usage under the hardest conditions. These versatile vehicles demonstrate their strengths especially with difficult tasks and terrain.

Articulated-frame steering

Maneuverability, accuracy, directional stability and minimal turning radius are unbeatable advantages of the articulated-frame steering invented by Holder. While driving or standing still, the front section is steered in the new direction when the carrier is turned. The attachments also follow the steering angle precisely. 

Real four-wheel drive

Both axles are continuously driven and can be 100% locked with the differential lock. This ensures superior tractive output and thrust performance even on difficult soil. Breaking out of the track is not an issue on difficult ground or in winter conditions.

Wheel load compensation

The sophisticated balance mechanics beneath the inflexion point keep the four-wheel drive wheels firmly on the ground under all driving and load conditions. Especially on steep or uneven ground, but also when driving over curbstones, the Holder has a clear advantage.

Four wheels of equal size

The uniform wheel size ensures optimal soil conservation and the best traction. Rolling resistance is reduced, because front and rear wheels have the same rotation.